Meet Tinto. Tinto turned down an opportunity to go to Oxford University. Instead, he opted to study at UCT so that he could be closer to his siblings.

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Mam Moloi is one of the many grandmothers who takes care of her orphaned grandchildren in South Africa. Struggling to make ends meet, she, with her children, would collect tins and old metals to take to the nearby scrapyard for money for food. But it still wasn’t enough.

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Imagine, as a parent or caregiver, not being able to provide your children with something as basic as food. That’s the situation in which Sis wami Masindi Rudzani, a young mother and sister from Zandspruit in Gauteng found herself.

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When you first meet two year old Kedibone Dikgale you wouldn’t think she’s any different from any other toddler her age. But it wasn’t the case just a year ago.

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Ntabiseng is 12 years old. She lives with her older sister and shares a room with her younger brother, sister and two little nephews. Like any little girl, she has hopes and dreams for her future, like becoming a teacher one day. At school she enjoys Maths and playing netball with her friends. Your Add Hope donation of R2 and the support of HOPE Worldwide helps children just like Ntabiseng every day.

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